You’ll Know When you Get There

Apr 28, 2019

Last night I indulged myself in a movie marathon, watching four movies in a row. Burton had gone to Moncton for a dart party and I had the luxury of time. That is not to say I could not watch non stop TV with Burton at home but there is something about being able to watch whatever you please in private and allow your emotions to run untethered. The first movie I chose was Life Itself. I had heard it mentioned but had no expectations. An unexpected treat was when a few minutes in one of my favorite actors (Mandy Patinkin) showed up. He didn’t stay quite long enough but played a pivotal part in the unfolding story.Then I watched Special Correspondents and enjoyed Ricky Gervais and his understated hilarity. The next movie had a long name I don’t quite remember but had performances by Dustin Hoffman , Emma Thompson and Adam Sandler that were memorable.I chose the last movie, ‘The Hollars’ when I probably should have been heading up to bed, thinking I would just watch a bit of it. I watched the whole thing and was sad for it to end. The wisdom and beauty I was given gave me the title of this morning’s entry. Oh what a rich and rewarding life we live when each day offers morsels of wisdom and truth.I am so grateful that each day I am shown something that strengthens me and fills my emotional toolbox. Last night it was a mother facing a life threatening illness telling her son who was overwhelmed with the challenges facing him, that he’ll know when he gets there that he is OK. Anyone who knows me well knows my two mantras “everybody’s Ok,and I’m Ok. ” Burton always counters with ” Yes everyone’s OK” or “yes you are OK”.Yesterday I made a list ( another thing I do ) I listed a few things that if they were to come to be instantly by some genie in the bottle magic, my worry would subside. Reflecting on the list and discussing it with my daughter later I realized that even if some magic made the list materialize there would be worry and concern still. You’ll know when you get there that you will be OK. Oh boy that is huge and what it really means of course is that you already possess all you need to be OK ;each other, love, hope, strength ,compassion and past proof that you were OK when you could not imagine you could be.Tears run down my cheeks as I wrap this up. My THERE is today and today I am OK. I chose this picture just because I like it.A wise man sits astride a big pig to entertain his granddaughters.No pigs were harmed.


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