The Rhythm of Our Days

May 6, 2019

Rhythm as a musical term refers to movement, repetition of a beat,a pattern produced by the combination of accent,metre and tempo. The rhythm of our lives, of our day to day , week to week and season to season often takes on a musical quality . Consider the variety of rhythms in the many types of music. The slow waltz, the disco beat, the frenzied staccato, a country ballad and on and on. I just returned from a nice slow and steady paced walk with my 89 year old Dad. We sat for awhile on a bench by our brook and talked some but also took in the sounds of the babbling brook and the rustling leaves. Two busy black dogs ran in and out of the water retrieving sticks. I have thought a lot lately about the stages of our lives. I clearly recall the busy life of a mother and full time teacher raising four children. Many days were like a whirlwind and one extra thing thrown in could topple the equilibrium. It often seemed that things came all at once. The more you were juggling the more got thrown your way. Some days the music seemed too loud, too crazy , too ear splitting and mind bending. It seemed if one more thing came at you the rhythm of your carefully orchestrated day would implode. I have fewer of those days at this stage of my life. Safe to say I seldom deviate from the well established predictable cadence of my days. I treasure this predictability and use days like this one to build up the strength needed for the more demanding days. I am watching my Dad who is unable to do many of the things that gave meaning to his days and feel his sorrow and frustration. I watch my children caught up in those frenzied days of working and raising kids and facing life’s challenges. I sometimes want things to slow down for them , the music to get calmer. I want to give support , offer wisdom and solutions to those younger and those older. I do know stuff and have some experience and lessons to share. I have compassion and understanding and I will continue to give what I can . The truth of it is though that each must find their own way to adapt to their current situation.The tools that will empower them come from within and from embracing the rhythm of the days they find themselves living. That’s all I’ve got today and I have to get supper on the table for my father who likes the steady rhythm of predictable mealtimes.


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