A Thursday in January

Jan 14, 2021

 My entry this morning is a hodge podge of thoughts and observations. So much percolating in this over thinking head of mine. Countdown days to bunnies is what occupies Paige’s mind these days. Every suppertime her thoughts go to the promise her Uncle Caleb made her of bunnies as a reward for trying foods she doesn’t like . Not an easy task for a girl pretty much meat adverse. A challenge for her  and some nights are easier than others. I happily stumbled on to two posts from Digitally Lit one highlighting The Sewing Basket and the other a review of Fear of Drowning. It is a  writing  day. The sun is peaking through and the day stretches ahead. I hope to get to the woods for another trek on snowshoes.Today is Zac’s friend Donnie’s birthday. Donnie survived the accident that took Zac’s life. And as I write this the Grateful Dead sings out on the radio behind me. “I will get by, I will survive.” Every silver lining’s got a touch of grey. Oh boy I am not going there right now. A touch of grey! Every day every season a touch of grey and a glimmer of light. I am thankful for the glimmers of light, my family, friends, my work, the open sky above me as I stand in the woods , the smiles and laughter of my grandchildren and so much more. Ok a Thursday in January is a day I am given to do the best I can and that is what I’ll set out to do.


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