All Right Everyone

Nov 24, 2014

Do you ever find your mind so overloaded that for a few seconds you do not even know where you are headed or what you are doing? That happened to me on Friday as I drove right by the ferry landing, deep in thought, totally forgetting my purpose. My Purpose. Now that’s something to reflect upon this morning. What is it I have been given to do? I have reflected before on the role of being the mother, the wife, the woman. Interesting at best, exhausting at its worst, but challenging always. I am often heard muttering ‘All right everyone or OK Everybody’, sometimes to no one in particular or no one at all . I even say it when I am all by myself. Crazy? Perhaps , but I like to just see it as a strategy for keeping it all together. That one simple phrase speaks loudly to what I do everyday. Some call it multi-tasking but I think it is more like multi-asking. Is everybody on my list OK? My husband, my kids, my granddaughters, my grand dogs, family , friends, myself. These last couple of weeks as I check my ‘Is everyone OK’ list I have checked myself first. This is crucial because as far as I can see if I’m not OK, I can’t look out for anyone else. I know that is not a new theory but it is certainly something we multi askers have to remind ourselves of once in a while. I am proud of who I am and what I am to others. Even though we are given difficulties we are also given so many blessings. So as this Monday morning begins I say OK Everyone, and for right now everyone including me is OK. For that I am so thankful!


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