When the Sun Sets

Nov 16, 2014

Friday afternoon as I came down from my woods road walk and into the open field, this stunning sunset stopped me short. I stood in awe of the fireball sunset and tried to take in its fleeting beauty. Before it disappeared I went in to get my phone and take a picture of it from an upstairs window. The brief glimpse of such beauty was a gift I received by being in the right place at the right time and by paying attention. It is the paying attention that I am most grateful for. What about when the sun sets? What gifts await us then? My first thought is rest. The night gives us rest and an opportunity to regroup. My family might say that my favourite phrase is ‘I’ll rally’. After the sun sets we get a chance to rally, to look at the day that just ended and look to the days to come. ‘One day at a time” takes on a whole new meaning when you see someone faced with an illness that has been given a timeline. How different than sudden death, when the loved one was there when the sun went down and gone when the sun rose the next morning. On this Sunday morning I just ask for the strength to rally, to take this new day and soldier on as my wonderful military minded husband would say. I started this entry attempting to make comparisons to a sunset and life but have just managed to make myself cry. Crying is something I never make apologies for, so I will just cry a bit and then get to my day with all the hope it brings. I will fit in my woods road walk and maybe be given another beautiful sunset to reflect upon.


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