Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming

Mar 13, 2018

When I was a kid some show (can’t remember which one) ended every week with the line’Keep those cards and letters coming.’Maybe someone in my generation will recall and remind me what show it was. It doesn’t matter really but the sentiment is clear. Yesterday I received a lovely e-mail from a reader who had just finished reading Maple Sugar Pie.She took the time to tell me about selecting it from a book store, reading it and experiencing it. She said so many of the things an author hopes to hear. She mentioned that she now considered Maple Sugar Pie as one of her favorite books and planned on re-reading it at some point. I told her I would certainly re-read her e-mail when I needed a boost of encouragement. Every week I write letters and mail them to my granddaughters in Alberta. They have come to expect them but I don’t think that lessens their value. Every week I put a stamp on an envelope and send a few lines but what I’m really doing is connecting, embracing and encouraging. I am telling my granddaughters that I think about them,that I care about them,and that I take a few minutes to tell them they matter. Their dad decided early on to keep the letters in a special place, to not recycle them (which is huge for him as he is all about cleaning up and recycling) because the letters can be re-read, can be treasured , can be valued. Written words sent to encourage and support are so special for the sender and the receiver. Keep those cards and letters coming!


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