Sorry,What was the Question ?

Mar 5, 2018

I just finished a CBC radio interview about the upcoming book club with The Sewing Basket in March. I only asked “Sorry, what was the question?” once. For a rambler who when asked a question can take off in a long distance answer that is not too bad. I paused for the correct word a couple of times which again isn’t too bad. In the nineties I did a TV interview while fighting the battle to get the Peninsula Little league to allow girls to play. I referred to the backstop as the backdrop and was mortified. Somewhere in the archives that misspeak still reverberates.I heard it in the blooper’s loop of my brain for years. I will listen to this morning’s interview later but I think I’m in the clear for a similar embarrassment.I forgot to watch the Oscars. I am happy to hear as I write that Francis McDormand won best actress. I loved her performance in Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing Missouri.Now that would be a Mother /daughter book club with a dark and tragic theme filled with a mother’s love, guilt, agony and determination.On Facebook this morning my friendship with my daughter Megan popped up . I thought how fitting to see her face and mine side by side seconds before my interview about The Sewing Basket which happens to be her favorite of my books. I am so thankful our friendship flourishes in real life. I am so thankful for her; her humor, her generosity, her scrutiny, her truthfulness. I mentioned in the interview the arch of the relationship between the mother and daughter . I am mindful of the arch in the relationship Meg and I have and see every up and down as a beautiful gift. And then there is the relationship arch with my own mother . Sorry, what was the question?


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